Funeral Plan

Everyone needs some form of financial security for the future. Our life insurance plans give you two levels of security for your peace of mind. You can make a savings plan for yourself and/or provide for your loved ones in the event you are no longer around.

The Sacos Funeral Plan offers families a financial coverage for the cost associated to a funeral.

You will have the flexibility to tailor the funeral insurance plan to suit your needs, with the option to add immediate family* members and your loved ones to the services that are included. (*Terms and conditions applies)

The Sacos Funeral Insurance Plan is an effective way of ensuring that your family and those who depend on you do not have to take an unreasonable financial burden in order to pay for a funeral ceremony. With a promise to pay within 48 working hours from the date of death claim.


Why choose the Sacos Funeral Insurance Plan?

> Our plan offers you different cover value options to suit your payment capability;

> No medical examination is required so immediate acceptance to the plan;

> Easy premium payment options;

> Fast payment of claims; within 48 hours.


Our Range of Funeral Insurance Plan

> Option 1: SCR 15,000

> Option 2: SCR 30,000

> Option 3: SCR 45,000

> Option 4: SCR 75,000

The Sacos Funeral Insurance Plan is a policy that pays an agreed lump sum amount ranging from SCR15,000 to SCR75,000, to a funeral parlour or a nominated beneficiary (a person of your choice)  to pay for the funeral expense based on policyholder’s preference, when a member of the plan passes away.

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Our clients most frequently asked questions

Who is the plan for?

The funeral plan is available for a single person or for a family, which includes spouse, parents and children, provided that they are a resident of Seychelles (Seychellois citizen and expatriate living in Seychelles.

How do I purchase the Funeral insurance plan?

  • Complete a specific application form
  • No medical examination is required to be able to join the plan.
  • The plan can be purchased directly from Sacos branches or from one of our agent/brokers.

How will payment be made?

  • 50% of the sum assured is payable, if death occurs within the 1st year OR after the 6th month waiting period.
  • Refund of premium paid for death within 6 months.
  • After the 1st year, the full sum assured will be paid subject to our terms and conditions.
  • Payment will be released to the nominated beneficiary (person designated or funeral parlor) within 48 hours after all official documents have been received.