Marine Insurance

We have a whole range of covers under the Marine Insurance family of products that provide protection against the loss or damage of ships, cargo, port terminals, and any transport such as haulage or container trucks, or other vehicles by which cargo is transferred, acquired, or held between the points of origin and final destination. Generally the covers protect the goods from warehouse to warehouse.

Marine Cargo

It provides cover against loss or damage to goods or merchandise, whether imports or exports, from the time the goods leave the place of origin to arrival at destination. It can be for single shipment or an OPEN COVER for clients who import or export on a regular basis.

Marine Hull

It provides cover for physical damage to a ship’s hull, machinery and accessories caused by the perils of the sea, including storm, fire, tidal waves and strong winds etc.. We pay for partial and total losses of the vessels. At an additional premium cover for Third Party liability can be given. The vessel’s liability insurance covers risks associated with the operation and use of ships, e.g. injury to passengers and other associated third party liability such as cargo owners, and other vessels. Vessel owners can also purchase Protection and Indemnity insurance, which is provided by P & I Clubs. It covers liability for damage to or loss of property, insurance cover for crew, passengers or others, wreck removal liabilities, legal costs incurred or compelled to pay, salvage services, tonnage liabilities, cargo liabilities and pollution liabilities.

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