Motor Private Insurance

We respect the value of your vehicle as much as you do which is why we are prepared to offer a fully comprehensive insurance policy to cover an extensive range of perils. We factor in your comfort and budget thereby allowing you to either tailor your motor insurance or select a more limited and specified insurance coverage.

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Our clients most frequently asked questions

How much does a car insurance cost?

Your premium rate depends on a number of factors: your age, driving history, car (model, make, trim, body type, year) etc. You can request a quote via our website to get an idea of the insurance premium you will pay for your car.

Can I get discounts on my car insurance?

Yes, Sacos offers a number of discounts which reduces the rate of your annual insurance. First-car discount, 10% discount for existing general insurance customer, no-accident discount, life insurance discount and staff discount. Contact us on -248 429 5000 or send an email to to learn more.

Is there a motorcycle insurance?

Any motorised vehicle on public roads have to be insured. Your motorcycle can be insured under our Comprehensive Private Motor Insurance Policy. You can also add a Personal Accident cover to insure yourself in the event of temporary or permanent injury.