Fire & Special Perils

Fire and Special Perils Insurance provides cover against fire and special perils which are named in the policy, such as storm, tempest, flood, fire, lightning , aircraft, explosion, earthquake, bursting and overflowing of water tanks apparatus or pipes, impact, riots, strikes and malicious damage. Additional cover can also be taken for burglary. The policy can cover building plant and machinery, stocks, furniture, fixtures and fittings and other contents.

Business Interruption/Loss of Profit Insurance

This is an additional cover provided under the Fire and Special Perils Policy. It is not a stand alone Policy. It covers the insured for the profits that would have been earned and other operational expenses such as the auditors fees, standing charges and other cost needed to carry out the business as a result of a loss.

Plate Glass

Plate Glass Insurance: It provides cover against accidental loss of or damage to fixed plate glass., fixed glass, neon signs and/or damage to shop fronts.

Fidelity Guarantee

It provides cover for loss of money or goods belonging to the employer or under their custody as a result of fraudulent or dishonest acts of the employee.

Cash Insurance

It provides cover for cash in safe, cash in transit and Loss or damage to safes containing Cash caused by burglars, housebreakers or thieves.

Custom Bonds

It covers the duty payable on goods whilst in bonded warehouses.

Assets All Risk

It provides extensive cover which protects your property from risks and perils that are not named, such as accidents and unforeseeable incidents, with the exception of those that are specifically excluded.


Insurance cover against loss or damage following forcible entry or exit of the premises.

Loss of Profits

Insurance cover against the loss of income that a business suffers ensuing from an insured disaster.

Cash Policy

Insurance cover against loss of cash in the company safe or during transit resulting from burglary and theft.

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