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If you have been in a car accident, immediately report the incident to the police and request for medical assistance if required.

You should immediately report the incident to the police. If you have taken a marine hull insurance, you should notify us of the incident and submit a claims form, the police report and any other documentation as required by us.

Travel Insurance Claim

Preexisting medical conditions are not covered under your travel insurance. Your policy will cover you however if you fall ill while overseas and had no previous knowledge of an existing condition.

If you have been recommended for overseas treatment by a certified doctor in Seychelles, you should notify us before you proceed on overseas treatment.

You should immediately contact us to notify us of the incident. Claims should be made before the lapse of seven days from the date of the incident.

Personal Accident Insurance Claim

If you are involved in an accident, we will provide you with compensation depending on the nature of your injury and if the injury has caused you to require medical of more than seven days consecutively.

This is a dispute between the contractor and the owner.

Yes, but only if you have taken the more comprehensive policy – Fire and Special Perils. If you have taken only the fire policy, you will not be able to submit a claim in event of burglary or theft to your premises.

Liability Insurance Claim

You should notify us immediately if there has been an injury on your premise if you have taken a Public Liability Insurance. The injured person can submit a claim to us if injured on your work premise.

How to make a Claim


Step 1: Contact us right away to inform us of the incident.
> Call us on +248 2660981/2660982 for general insurance claims.
> Call us on +248 2660971/2660972 for life insurance claims.
> Send an email to claims@sacos.sc for all insurance claims.

Step 2: Submit the claims form.
> Take pictures of the damage.
> Complete a claims form*.
> Attach the supporting documents requested.
> Submit the completed and signed form by email (claims@sacos.sc) or deliver to any of our branches.

*Click on the respective insurance product below to download the relevant claims form.

Step 3: We process your claims.
> We evaluate the damage, nature of injury and/or validity of your claim.
> An assessor may visit you to assess the damage for compensation.

Step 4: We process your settlement.
> We will send you a written notice to confirm the outcome of your claims request.
> If approved, we will disburse the refund to either you, the injured party(ies) or the designated beneficiaries.


Our clients most frequently asked questions

Do I need to submit specific documents when making a claim?

Depending on your claims, you may need to submit specific documentations. To find out which documents you will need to submit, you can download the claims form and the list is shown at the end of the form. You can also call us on +248 2660981 / 2660982 or contact your broker.

Why do I need to pay an excess?

Paying an excess is a way for you to accept a small portion of the risk yourself. The amount of the excess to be paid is determined by us and is specified in your policy.

Are some claims excluded?

Yes. You should always read your policy book thoroughly to see what you are entitled to claim. If unsure, please contact us on +248 429 5065 / 429 5054 and we will provide you with all the relevant information you need. You can also send an email at claims@sacos.sc.