Credit Protection Insurance

Everyone needs some form of financial security for the future. Our life insurance plans give you two levels of security for your peace of mind. You can make a savings plan for yourself and/or provide for your loved ones in the event you are no longer around.

Sacos credit protection plans is designed to settle your insured debts with the respective financial institutions in the event of your Total and Permanent Disability or death.

This ensures that your family will not be burdened by your debts in case of your untimely death or permanent disability.

Credit Life

Tailor-made to meet the requirements of financial lending institutions on borrowers taking out unsecured loans. In the event of Total and Permanent Disability or death, Sacos settles the insured debt of the borrower.

Mortgage Protection

People often rely on loans from financial institutions to co-finance some parts of their activities or fixed assets.

As a security for the loan, financial institutions require the borrower to purchase a Mortgage Protection Plan for the amount of loan granted.

Our Mortgage Protection plan aims to remove the financial burden on your family in the event of the untimely death or Total and Permanent Disability of the policy holder, by settling your outstanding debts.

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