Householders Insurance

Home insurance is about protecting the home you love and the contents that matter to you most. Therefore, we have designed a plan especially for your home and property to give you adequate and quality cover when you need it most. You can insure your Building and Contents, including your Personal effects and jewellery.

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Our clients most frequently asked questions

What is not covered under a home insurance policy?

Generally, whatever is not specifically mentioned in your policy is not covered under your home insurance coverage. These can be wear and tear, insect damage and termites, or rot, rust and mold arising out of a lack of maintenance of the property. Your policy will also clearly indicate certain specific “exceptions” and “exclusions” of damage not covered by your home insurance.

Why do you need to send someone to inspect a damage to my home if I have to take pictures of the damage?

Photos are useful in providing a real-time record of the damage caused but they cannot fully provide the context of the incident or the extent of the damage. The insurance assessor has to visit the premise to provide an assessment for claims settlement.

Do I need to renew my home insurance or is it done automatically?

Your home insurance policy is valid for an entire year – a 12-month period. It cannot be cancelled during the course of its validity, but you can choose not to renew it at the end of the year. The Sacos Householders Policy is not automatically renewable. Our team will contact you to renew your home insurance before the date of expiry.